“The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” Solomon 

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July16th, 2018
Let the speculation begin!
   ITEM:  (Reuters) HELSINKI - President Donald Trump began a summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin with a public handshake, before the media were ushered out. The two men were to meet alone, apart from interpreters, to discuss trade, the military, nuclear weapons and China\

    And so the news week begins.  Reporters can only speculate what Messrs. Putin and Trump discuss.  Interpreters will know, of course, but theyi are notoriously close-mouthed about such things. 
UP TO YOU. . .
Opinions from the left - opinions from the right.
Mix them all together to create an awesome plight.
Is compromise the answer? Do cool heads still prevail?
Or, do the texting masses just prefer to rant and rail?

Trade wars are a threat - inflation's on the way.
Let's not forget to keep Socialism at bay.
Congress can't do anything. It's becoming quite absurd.
And now the world is hanging on Donald's every word. 

We'd like to see sound money return to save the day
With long forgotten lessons  coming into play.
It's contrary to the experts. They tell us "take on debt!"
But we suggest the opposite. Stay solvent and you're set.

Pay no attention to the windbags when they speak.
No debt and some  savings is what we all should seek.
Let's erase the weird confusion. Let reality break through.
Let's restore the Constituion.  It's entirely up to you.

    The above is an update of a little ditty we dashed off  about the time Janet Yellen became chief of the Fed'l Reserve.  Since then the government and consumers have added several trillions of dollars to their debt load. We believe  unpayble debt is a ticking time bomb that will be terribly destructive when it implodes.

    "Like all socialists, [my] friend is mentally incapable of understanding (or accepting) the simplest of economic truths, such as the notion that on the free market people do not throw their money away like this, but in government politicians throw other peoples’ money away (while stealing a healthy share for themselves) day in and day out." - Tom DiLorenzo

Mr. DiLorenzo posted this remark Friday in connection with a story concerning his local government selling a $15 million property to a political crony for $1 million. 

    Is his characterization true?  Do socialists have a stronger faith in the wisdom of government officials than free marketers do?  The answer is clearly visible.

         We heard a caller to National Public Radio on Friday declare "If you don't vote you have no right to complain."

        This is not true, of course.  Whether a taxpayer turns out for every election or not he or she has every right to complain when the total level of taxation eats deeply into his resources.

          We are a nation of complainers.  To say that any citizen has no right to complain is absurd.
ITEM: The increase in the U.S. cost of living rose to a 12-month pace of 2.9% from 2.8%, marking the highest level in more than six years. A year ago the 12-month rate stood at just 1.6%.
This is a far cry from the horrendous price inflation rate in Venezuela!
   We notice that price inflation in Venezuela has raged so far out of control that people have resorted to barter...trading goods and services for goods and services.  Unfortunately, the competition among the hoi polloi has created some unsavory situations, such as women trading sexual services for food. 
    What's the matter with the Venezuela government?  Have their printing presses failed?  Can't they print lots of bank notes bearing really big numbers? 

     No.  They've let money inflation soar into hyperdrive.  It's a classic mistake made by socialist governments.   Tragedy in Venezuela

N.Y. Times pays Trump a compliment. (?)
    We thought a liberal publication like the influential New York Times would be on the streets with a strong editorial criticism of President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.  But look!

  "The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court justice is President Trump’s finest hour, his classiest move. Last week the president promised to select 'someone with impeccable credentials, great intellect, unbiased judgment, and deep reverence for the laws and Constitution of the United States.' In picking Judge Kavanaugh, he has done just that."

      The liberal media drumbeat was expected be loudly opposed to whomever Trump nominated for the high court. It's still likely Judge Kavanaugh will bet get a thorough going over when he faces  Congressional confirmation hearings.  NPR's Nina Totenberg  and her cronies will surely nit pick all of his past decisions hunting for flaws.

      Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan said this:

   "President Donald Trump may have completed the capture of all three branches of the U.S. government for the Republican Party.

     "Not bad for a rookie."  TRUMP COURT?